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northwoods renewal

it was time to refresh, reaffirm, replenish, renew.

we chose this modest one-bedroom condo with a beautiful woods and lake view.

the living room and bedroom both walked out onto the little deck.

relaxing in this whirpool tub was a requirement every day!

we enjoyed being able to do some of our own cooking instead of having to eat out for every meal.

we certainly brought enough food!

on friday night we made our own homemade pizza–just like we do every week at home.

i savored my elegantly served fresh fruit for breakfast.

we ate out once a day to check out the “local flavor.” on our first night we tried this old saloon. the food was superb! 

the french onion soup was as perfect as it looks.

this salad was a meal!


loved this sign by the exit:

this cute little diner was a disappointment. the ambience was perfect for a light lunch, but the food was greasy and it took forever to come. (too bad we didn’t get smart and leave!)

saturday night we went to a local brewery (funny, since we don’t drink). everything was perfect. they served these homemade cheese curds (yes, even the cheese was homemade!) that were the best we’ve ever had!


a condo in the northwoods+long weekend=refreshed spirits, reaffirmed relationship, replenished energy, renewed purpose.


how do you renew yourself?


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after postponing twice due to illness and scheduling conflicts, little missy finally got to have her friends over for a belated birthday party.




do you think she thought it was worth the wait?

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did you ever think about all the different messages of love we encounter on valentine’s day?


candy messages

some come on candy hearts.




kids love

precious little people leave them on your computer screen.





literary love

countless authors have published theirs.




card love

hallmark prints them in metallic script.




whispered love

but the really special ones are whispered!


what is your favorite love message?

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today is the last day of november, which means it’s time to pack up the autumn decorations and get ready for christmas  

while i was doing laundry, my oldest daughter gathered everything together on the coffee table so i could pack it away in the rubbermaid storage box and haul it up to the attic. 

when i walked into the living room, the simple beauty of her haphazard arrangement caught  my eye.


i’m not ready for autumn to be over yet; it seems like time is flying by so fast. summer came and went in a flash, fall snuck in without warning, and now winter is asserting itself with a vengeance.

i don’t seem to adapt as well to change anymore–especially when that change involves cold and snow and icy roads. am i getting old??? (the kids HAVE been telling hubby & i lately that we grew up with the dinosaurs!)

the wisest man who ever lived said, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” ecclesiastes 1:1

guess that means it’s time to quit whining and go dig out the snow boots, make some hot chocolate, put up our christmas decorations, and embrace the precious present God has given us.

what season do you like the best?

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we usually try to get away *alone* for a day or two around this time of year for a little r & r. we had some plans that fell through, but as we scrambled around at the last minute for something to do, we found this nice little rustic inn. nothing fancy—just comfortable and quiet, which is just what we needed. pictures don’t really do it justice, and our batteries died before we could get any more, but here goes kids. this one’s for you!

  rustic getaway

where do you like to go to “get away?”

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sometimes you just have to beat the winter doldrums. this weekend, the pool was just the answer!

 chicken fight

look mom, no hands!aren't we cute?

how have you coped with this never-ending winter?

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growing up so fast

i thought i was all done with “growing pains” about 20 years ago, but today i discovered that there is something worse: “growing up pains.” they are the kind that catch your breath and almost stop your heart as you realize that your precious little girl has become a young lady that will someday leave home.

today, this beautiful 13 year old asked if she could go shopping with her aunt, uncle, and cousin (boy, 11). i said yes, thinking she’d come home with a new bike lock, soccer ball, or some other thing she & said boy cousin would both think was “cool.” that’s what she always wants.

i was so wrong; she came home with this outfit. not only does it look perfect on her, it was on clearance. she proudly tried it on for daddy & i and then showed us the price tags. she shopped the clearance rack at kohl’s and got the $18 shirt for $5.40 and the $34 skirt for only $3.40.  

the $8.80 she spent put a sparkle (don’t tell her it was really a tear) in my eye and a lump in my throat. shopping sales and finding good deals is my trademark in the family, and today she has shown that she’s officially inherited that quality. i am proud. i am sad. pretty soon she won’t need me for anything.

have you experienced “growing up pains” yet?

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