nej orden onsdagen–norway

(norway is our featured country this week for geography. we found this beautiful video and thought you might enjoy it too.)


those signs at the pool that say “no diving” in shallow water… guess what happens when you ignore them?


do you think she’ll do it again?

yesterday–the midwest horse fair. today–cowboy and the girl hit the zoo.

do you have a cowboy–or a girl?

northwoods renewal

it was time to refresh, reaffirm, replenish, renew.

we chose this modest one-bedroom condo with a beautiful woods and lake view.

the living room and bedroom both walked out onto the little deck.

relaxing in this whirpool tub was a requirement every day!

we enjoyed being able to do some of our own cooking instead of having to eat out for every meal.

we certainly brought enough food!

on friday night we made our own homemade pizza–just like we do every week at home.

i savored my elegantly served fresh fruit for breakfast.

we ate out once a day to check out the “local flavor.” on our first night we tried this old saloon. the food was superb! 

the french onion soup was as perfect as it looks.

this salad was a meal!


loved this sign by the exit:

this cute little diner was a disappointment. the ambience was perfect for a light lunch, but the food was greasy and it took forever to come. (too bad we didn’t get smart and leave!)

saturday night we went to a local brewery (funny, since we don’t drink). everything was perfect. they served these homemade cheese curds (yes, even the cheese was homemade!) that were the best we’ve ever had!


a condo in the northwoods+long weekend=refreshed spirits, reaffirmed relationship, replenished energy, renewed purpose.


how do you renew yourself?


can you guess why we haven’t posted for the past few weeks?

we’ve been having so much fun learning greek, and much of the credit goes to this wonderful curriculum, published by greek ‘n’ stuff.


hey, andrew!

beginner words






have you ever learned a foreign language?

it has rained most of the weekend here in southern wisconsin. following a winter with record-setting snowfall and several days of temps in the 50’s, this bout of torrnetial rain has created quite a mess. the snow in our yard was all melted, and we had mud everywhere. the car mats were covered in it, the kids were wearing it (clothes, shoes, skin, hair), the back entry was truly a mud room, and even the kitchen floor was ready for a mud wrestling event.


yes, there was mud EVERYWHERE!


then, sometime late this afternoon, the Lord gave us a beautiful blessing.  

 lilac bush


norway spruce

red pine


 bird feeder


as frustrated as we all feel about having to deal with another late winter snowstorm, it brought to mind the prophet isaiah’s words, “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…” (isaiah 1:18)


aren’t you thankful for God’s gift of grace that covers all of our ugliness?